The beginning of the academic year at CK Browar

October is not only the first month of Polish golden autumn, but also the period when the academic year begins. As a result, larger cities such as Krakow are redepopulated with crowds of young people who study at one of the many local universities. After the holidays, everyone has a lot of stories to tell their friends, and there is no better place for an evening student feast than CK Browar.

Delicious dishes at an affordable price

In our restaurant in Krakow, we realize that academic youth have a limited budget, which is why our menu also includes dishes at very affordable prices. These are primarily the iconic Russian dumplings, delicious soups and tasty snacks. Our baked sandwiches also deserve special attention, as they taste delicious both on site and to take away – during the break between classes. Our guests can choose from a sandwich with black pudding, scrambled eggs, bacon or salami. More hungry students can take advantage of our lunch offer every day, consisting of a tasty soup and a second course – the price of the set starts from PLN 12.

At any time of the day or evening, students can also order our delicious beers, which we brew on site according to traditional Galician recipes. You can choose from light, dark wheat and honey beer, as well as seasonal beer – refreshing in summer and warming in winter. The menu also includes items for amateurs of colorful drinks with and without alcohol.