CK Browar – a place friendly to young people

As befits a large city full of tourists, Krakow hosts many dining options, densely dotted especially in the old town. Our restaurant CK Browar is one of the most willingly chosen by people who appreciate traditional dishes of Polish and Galician lands. However, our rich offer is also directed to young people who will find many interesting flavors in our menu.

Not only traditional cuisine

Although our restaurant in Krakow is famous for local dishes, when composing the menu we also remembered about young people who like dishes from different parts of the world. For less hungry people, we recommend our starters, which are perfect for snacking while chatting with friends. These include Belgian-style fries with sauces or chicken wings in spicy coating. However, the favorite position among young people are our baked sandwiches, in which you can find black pudding, scrambled eggs or delicious bacon. The menu also includes light salads and vegetarian dishes.

Non-alcoholic cocktails

For our young guests, we have prepared special non-alcoholic drinks, which will be perfect for the afternoon among colleagues. For more hot weather, we recommend Virgin Mojito, an extremely refreshing drink based on lime juice and cane sugar, served with a lot of crushed ice. On the other hand, for those who prefer more sweet tastes, we recommend Virgin Sunrise, a tasty combination of orange, pineapple, grenadine and lime juices.