The best place for foreign visitors

Nowadays, many Poles, not only young people, also have foreigners among their close friends. No wonder, after all, we travel a lot, as well as work and study outside Poland, many foreigners also like to visit our country. People who show guests from other countries around Krakow must visit CK Browar.

Tradition at its best

Polish and Galician cuisine is enjoyed by practically every foreigner, after all, the dishes that are characteristic of them are very rich and varied. Our restaurant in Krakow is the perfect place to try the best dishes, drawing on the tradition of the old Galicia. In the menu, foreign guests will find an original Viennese schnitzel made of real veal, a pork knuckle baked in beer brewed on the spot, or the legendary Russian dumplings, which even the most fussy eaters taste like. Our menu also includes venison dishes that reflect the spirit of old times. Undecided people can order a hunter’s platter, which includes venison, wild boar and duck meat, served with potato pancakes and blanched vegetables.

Our restaurant in Krakow is also famous for its delicious, locally brewed beers, which go well with Galician dishes. Our permanent menu includes light, wheat, dark and honey beer. Every few months, we also introduce a seasonal item that matches the season, e.g. in summer it is a delicate Vermont IPA, perfect for hot days.