Are you planning an intimate party? Choose CK Browar

Sometimes, when we start planning a party, we realize that our apartment will be too small. And then what? It is worth visiting the restaurant in the center of Krakow – CK Browar. Why is Krakow a great place to organize an event? You can feel the air of artistry and unique culture at every step in the city. There is no other city like this in the world. That is why even people from the other end of Poland are very eager to come here to celebrate their birthday. Residents also very willingly choose restaurants in Krakow instead of organizing parties at home.
Rent a room in advance

When planning a small event for 10-30 people, you always have to make a reservation in advance. We provide such a possibility in our CK Browar restaurant not only for specific tables. Intimate rooms can be rented. There are two to choose from: the Hunting Room, which, as the name suggests, is maintained in a hunting style. It will be perfect for a smaller number of guests. The second room that can be booked is the Knight’s Hall, which is also decorated according to its name. The attractions include hand-carved tables. You can also order a special dish, such as roasted turkey from the oven or roasted piglet.
Straight from the restaurant to the club

At CK Browar, we make sure that all possible attractions of each event are available. The other side of the place is Club Laboratorium! Therefore, after spending the evening with a group of friends for dinner, you can spend another part of the night at a party at a renowned club. We offer beers from our own mini-brewery and plenty of exquisite and popular drinks. In the club you can have fun to the music played by the DJ.