Perfect place for a coffee? CK Browar!

Krakow is a beautiful city where you can find countless cafes. However, it is worth omitting those that look common and immediately choose an interesting, but at the same time quiet place. The CK Browar restaurant is an ideal place for a coffee! It would seem that a restaurant in Krakow only serves meals. Nothing could be more wrong. In CK Browar you can find a restaurant, pub, club and, above all, good coffee. We make sure that all hungry customers get a huge selection of options, even if their goal is just to drink coffee.
Coffee for everyone

When entering a coffee, you can always order a tasty dessert. The CK Browar restaurant, apart from a large selection of coffees, such as espresso, lungo, americano and flavored latte, also serves desserts. A lot of people might consider coffee a dessert because there are halva lattes and cinnamon lattes available, which are quite sweet but still have a coffee flavor. If this is not enough to satisfy the desire for something sweet, you can choose among cakes or ice cream desserts. However, it is worth knowing that from Thursday to Sunday, the menu includes Krakow cream cake with strawberry sauce.
Coffee lunch

It may happen that we meet friends for a coffee, but suddenly we get hungry. And then what? Our restaurant, CK Browar, will make sure that you have a tasty dinner first, and then have a delicious coffee. Even if we do not want a real dinner, we can successfully order a sandwich or even fries or a salad. There are a lot of tasty dishes to choose from, after which you can drink coffee in good company for dessert. And if that’s not enough, you can always order another piece of cake.