Roasted piglet – a tasty attraction for guests

When inviting guests for a meal at a restaurant in Krakow, we always want to choose a unique place with an attractive menu. In the CK Browar restaurant, we offer the possibility of ordering, among others, baked piglet! It is definitely one of the best attractions for visitors. If among the people invited to such an intimate event there are people who do not eat meat, we will satisfy their hunger with meatless dishes!

Book a table in advance

When organizing a small event, you can reserve your favorite table in our restaurant or rent the entire room. There are two available: Rycerska and Myśliwska. Reservations for tables at CK Browar are accepted in advance, also room reservation is needed in advance to guarantee that the room will be available. It is also worth knowing that the roasted piglet is ordered on request, so if you want to have such a culinary attraction at your event, you also have to order it in advance. In addition to the roasted piglet, you can also order a turkey from the oven or a cooked ham with bone.

Who is the roasted piglet for?

First of all, you need to know that the piglet will be suitable for 15-20 people. It is served with poached potatoes, fried cabbage and pickled cucumbers. Therefore, it is suitable for a larger party. For smaller parties, a turkey from the oven may be more suitable, which is fed to as many as 10 people and is also served with additions. A baked ham on the bone will also be suitable for a smaller group of people. Of course, you can also order dishes permanently available on the menu during the event.