The perfect meal for any weather

I must admit that the weather outside the window is very changeable. As a result, many people may feel like eating differently on a daily basis. Our restaurant CK Browar in Krakow will satisfy the needs of all people. You can try delicious Austro-Hungarian cuisine or eat a modern lunch. There is also delicious coffee, tea or beer that we brew on the spot.
Warm meals at CK Browar

As in every restaurant, also at CK Browar you will get a rich menu of hot meals, which at this time of the year warm up the body the best, and eating them is a pleasure for all the senses. It is always worth choosing delicacies unique to our area. It can be, for example, the Hunter’s Platter, or roasted duck breast served with cranberries and apples, or even our signature Viennese schnitzel. It is also worth trying dumplings or light soups. A tasty dinner should always be complemented with a dessert served with coffee or selected tea.
CK Browar Pub for the evening

CK Browar is a worthwhile visit not only for lunch, but also for dinner or just a beer in a pub. Our regular offer includes as many as four beers brewed on site and we also offer a seasonal variant. In addition to tasting or ordering beer, you can also see what the production process looks like in a mini-brewery. The menu includes Jasne, Dunkiel, Miodowe and Weizen. Each of them is brewed on the basis of a traditional recipe that is not made available to the public. Thanks to this, our beers have a unique taste.