Christmas in Krakow? Only at CK Browar

Not only winter is rapidly approaching, but also the period of Christmas markets and Christmas itself. For many people it is a good opportunity to travel and visit other Polish cities, such as Krakow. Of course, there are also people who appreciate traditional holidays, but do not necessarily want to feed their guests for a week and prefer to take them at least for one dinner to a restaurant. In every situation, it is worth going to the CK Browar restaurant.

Unique flavors in the CK Browar restaurant

Especially for people visiting Krakow for the first time, the CK Brewery pub can be an interesting place for a trip. In our restaurant, you can not only have breakfast, lunch or dinner, but also visit our mini-brewery. CK beers such as Light, Dark, Honey and Wheat are brewed in our own mini-brewery. You can try them on site, but also go behind the scenes and see what the place of their production looks like. Just ask the staff about this possibility. It is very rare to see how beer is brewed, so when in Krakow, it is worth taking this opportunity and visiting CK Browar.
Tasty meals with the family

Instead of spending time cooking meals for the whole family, spend time consuming them with them. Our restaurant in Krakow offers many Polish flavors, but also traditional Galician cuisine. Each person can choose the dish that suits them best from the menu or try unique flavors. They do not have to be just festive dishes, you can successfully choose your favorite dish.