Pork knuckle – the queen of Galician cuisine

The culinary tradition of old Galicia is extremely diverse, over the centuries, people of many cultures inhabited these lands, in addition to Poles, they were Jews and also Austrians. At CK Browar, we serve the most delicious dishes of the local cuisine, and we used old recipes to develop them. The undisputed queen of our restaurant in Krakow is pork knuckle, a dish loved by both Poles and foreign tourists.

Taste at its best

The knuckle, i.e. the upper part of the pig’s hind limb, is covered with a thick layer of fat, but the dishes prepared with it are not too heavy. It is all due to the processing process, which should be as long as possible, thanks to which the subcutaneous fat melts and, when it goes to the dish, adds its unprecedented depth of flavor. Dishes with pork knuckle are very popular in Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as in Silesia and the areas of former Galicia. Each region has its own recipe for pork knuckle, in CK Browar we use traditional culinary solutions from the lands of the former Austrian partition.

In the CK Browar restaurant, the knuckle is marinated in a beer brine before baking, for which we use the brewery brewed on site. Then the meat is baked in a special oven, thanks to which the skin on the outside is browned and crispy, while the meat inside is extremely tender and aromatic. The dish is served with a slice of traditional sourdough bread, slightly spicy horseradish, distinctive mustard and pickled cucumbers.