CK Browar for spontaneous celebrations

There are often occasions in life that must be celebrated with dignity. They are often spontaneous and unplanned events, which makes them all the more magical. A promotion at work, an engagement or … a divorce must be celebrated in a big way, even if it happens in the middle of the week. In CK Browar, you can celebrate late at a lavishly set table.

Tasty meal in the evening

Our restaurant in Krakow serves classic Galician dishes until midnight, also in the middle of the week. Therefore, we are the best option for people who want to celebrate a special occasion with friends, enjoying delicious dishes and tasty drinks. CK Browar is famous for its delicious, locally brewed beers with which each toast will be unique. Our guests can choose from many varieties, including wheat and honey beer, as well as seasonal beer. A traditional Galician brewery fits perfectly with the dishes that our restaurant is famous for. In addition to standard dinner dishes, such as Viennese schnitzel, pork knuckle or potato pancakes, customers can also order platters filled with tasty meats. You can choose from CK plate with ribs, pork knuckle and schnitzel or a hunter’s platter with roe deer, wild boar and duck. It is an ideal option for a group as it does not require prior reservation.

After having a meal in our restaurant in Krakow, revelers can go to the bar area, where bartenders serve delicious, colorful drinks, as well as various shots. The CK Browar pub is open until the last customer, also in the middle of the week.