Women’s evening in the heart of Krakow

Going out with friends is a very good idea, but it deserves the right setting. In the center of Krakow, you can meet pubs at every turn, but CK Browar is the best choice. The pub is connected with a tasty restaurant, so you can enjoy a delicious dinner even in the late evening.

Colorful drinks

CK Browar’s offer includes many interesting drinks that will satisfy even the most demanding palate. Our pub in Krakow has a very large selection of delicious drinks, which are the base for alcoholic cocktails. In our menu everyone will find something for themselves, you can choose a drink based on ordinary and flavored vodka, Cuban rum, various types of whiskey, as well as tequila and gin. We especially recommend the Mimoza cocktail, made of sparkling Prosecco and orange juice. However, for men who prefer intense taste sensations, we recommend Long Island Ice Tea, the legendary drink from the American Prohibition era.

Something to eat

CK Browar is not only the best pub in Krakow. The brand is known primarily for its delicious cuisine, drawing on the Polish and Galician tradition. During the evening meeting with friends, you can order a tasty meal, after all, alcohol increases the appetite. For less hungry, we recommend a beer basket with mozzarella and french fries or spicy chicken wings in breadcrumbs. The menu also includes baked breads, e.g. with black pudding, bacon or scrambled eggs. And for greater hunger, you can order veal fillets, beef sirloin steak or roast wild boar, all accompanied by tasty additions.