Women’s Day in the heart of Krakow

On March 8, Women’s Day is celebrated around the world. This special day is the perfect excuse for a meeting together over a tasty meal at CK Browar. Our restaurant in Krakow is the best place for this type of meeting, thanks to the cozy atmosphere and exquisite dishes served by the best chefs.

Romantic dinner
On this special day, it is worth taking your chosen one for dinner for two. In CK Browar, unique dishes are waiting, composed according to old, Galician recipes. The eighth of March is the perfect opportunity to taste company dishes, such as the CK Plate, intended for two. The set consists of delicious meats, such as knuckle, ribs and Viennese schnitzel. It is all served with baked potatoes and fried cabbage. And you can choose one of the aromatic wines, in CK Browar there is a really large selection.

Women’s evening
However, March 8 does not necessarily mean a romantic dinner, and going out with a group can be the perfect way to celebrate. In our restaurant in Krakow, ladies can not only order a tasty dish, but also enjoy colorful drinks. Part of CK Browar is a modern pub, the offer of which is also available to guests from restaurants. The bar offers delicious alcoholic beverages from all over the world. And in the event of a meeting in a larger group of ten, it is possible to take advantage of a special offer. We offer special dishes on request, it may include roasted turkey or piglet, or cooked ham on the bone.