What to cook for dinner? Don’t hesitate to visit CK Browar

The restaurant in Krakow, CK Browar, offers not only, as the name suggests, beer from the mini-brewery, but also great dinners and lunches. Many people might think that a family dinner at a restaurant is expensive, but not with us! We offer tasty dinners or sets perfect for lunch at very good prices with high-quality dishes.

Tasty and quick dinner

During the lunch break, between classes at the university or simply when we have a very busy day, we want to get something down quickly, but at the same time the meal must be tasty. Our restaurant CK Browar offers a very large selection of starters, lunch dishes with meat, fish and salads. In addition, you can just order fries if someone is just a little hungry. It is worth knowing that in the restaurant we also offer a menu for allergy sufferers, so every person, even if he has intolerance, will find something to eat with success.

Dinner for guests

Also, when guests visit us, it is worth inviting them to the CK Browar restaurant. Our dishes have a home-like taste and will taste even the most reluctant guests to go to the restaurant. For lunch, you can also order beer brewed in our mini-brewery or fresh lemonade. In addition to the dinner itself, we also serve various types of desserts in the form of cakes or ice cream. Krakow’s creams with strawberry sauce are unique, and you can order them from us only from Thursday to Sunday. As part of the dessert, you can also order delicious coffee, from espresso to halva latte, which is very popular due to its interesting taste.