Wedding dinner at a restaurant in Krakow

Not every person dreams of a big wedding for 200 people. Unfortunately, the costs of such a huge wedding can be a problem for a young couple, who still have to incur a lot of expenses on the occasion of the wedding. However, it is not worth giving up on celebrating this day! You can invite your immediate family and selected guests to a wedding dinner at CK Browar.

A souvenir from the wedding

Our restaurant in Krakow is located close to the Main Square and also near the Registry Office. However, it is worth booking a few tables in advance or a separate room if we invite a dozen or more guests. Intimate halls, such as the Knight’s Hall, which can accommodate up to 27 people, will certainly be a substitute for a real wedding. In a prepared room, which looks like a castle chamber. You can also take photos there, which will be a great memento of the wedding and gala dinner. The decor of the room includes carved tables and chairs, where you can feel like at a real castle feast, which will give a great medieval atmosphere that will beat many romantic weddings.

Lunch and toasts

The Krakow restaurant offers delicious Galician specialties, but we can tailor the menu to the needs of guests, including serving vegetarian dishes, snacks for children or allergen-free dishes. There are plenty of delicacies to choose from on the menu, including amazing venison, roast turkey and cooked ham. On special request, we can even serve a roasted piglet. Of course, when choosing dishes from the menu, you can also order a light salad. For toasts, we offer the best wines, but also beer produced at CK Browar, based on an old Galician recipe.