Wedding anniversary in a romantic setting

During the year, we have many occasions to celebrate, one of the most important is certainly the wedding anniversary, which requires an appropriate, romantic setting. On this special day, the inhabitants of Krakow eagerly book a table in the CK Browar restaurant, which, thanks to its wonderful cuisine and romantic interior, is the perfect choice.

Especially a menu for two

In our restaurant in Krakow, our guests can taste the best dishes of Polish and Galician cuisine, which will be perfect for a romantic evening. For couples in love, we especially recommend the album C.K. consisting of delicious meats, incl. pork knuckles and ribs, baked potatoes and fried cabbage. Our menu also includes lighter dishes that will satisfy people who count calories. They can choose from a variety of salads, fish dishes or nutritious soups. A romantic dinner will also include a bottle of delicious wine, for our guests we have collected the best wines from around the world that perfectly match our dishes.

Book your favorite table

CK brewery is very popular among the inhabitants of Krakow, so we encourage you to make reservations for this special evening. Our guests have at their disposal atmospheric rooms reflecting the spirit of old times, lit by dim light, with professional waiters. And if the evening together is a bit longer, we invite you to the bar, open to the last customer. We serve delicious beers and colorful drinks there, which can also be ordered for dinner.