Trzech króli w królewskim mieście

As every year, the tradition of the Cortege of the Magi has been gaining popularity for several years. The holiday itself comes from the Christian tradition, where, according to legend, the star showed the three wise men from the East the way to the newborn Jesus. We celebrate this event on January 6.

Three kings – three processions

Initially, the processions are three – referring to the three continents where the monarchs came from: red – symbolizing Europe, green – the Asian continent, and blue – the African continent. Each of the kings starts from a different place, followed by crowds of children and adults who make up his entourage. All the colorful processions meet at the Main Market Square to celebrate together with the sounds of Christmas carols. Few people know that this recently revived tradition is the largest nativity play in the world!

Royal feast at C.K. Brewery

Although the atmosphere of the procession of the above-described event is hot, the time in which it takes place, i.e. in early January, is often accompanied by low temperatures, reaching many degrees below zero.

Fortunately, near the Main Market Square is the best restaurant in Krakow, C.K. Brewery. We invite you to our thresholds of weary participants of the procession, and not only them. For the winter chill, guests of our restaurant are served delicious soups such as warming old Polish sour rye soup with egg and pieces of sausage or filling mushroom cream with noodles in bread. Delicious potato pancakes in mushroom sauce with sour cream or a truly royal hunter-style wild boar roast will satisfy the appetites of even the most weary travelers, and this is only a small part of our menu. Of course, next to the platters, the tables should be filled with one of our delicious beers brewed on the spot …

At the end of the feast, your senses will be pampered with hot chocolate with whipped cream and raspberry sauce.

I don’t think we need to persuade anyone 🙂