The perfect restaurant in Krakow for a date

Finding a place for the perfect date is difficult. Fortunately, if we go for it in Krakow, we can easily find a restaurant where such a meeting will be successful. CK Browar is a restaurant in Krakow known for its unique atmosphere, but also for the complex of rooms in which we can find a restaurant, pub, and even a club. So you can always go here for a romantic dinner and dancing to good music.

Traditional cuisine never disappoints

The best restaurant in Krakow is one that serves traditional food. Every person likes familiar foods, so it’s not worth experimenting, especially when you don’t quite know the other person’s tastes. The CK Browar restaurant offers not only traditional Polish meals, but also Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Of course, you can also find easily digestible snacks and meals for allergy sufferers. So you can easily find an item on the menu that you like. In addition, you can reserve a table in advance to ensure that there is room for us in the restaurant. So it’s worth going here for lunch or dinner, but you can also just come for a coffee.

Best coffee in a restaurant in Krakow

What distinguishes CK Browar from other restaurants and cafes? First of all, the decor. Our restaurant Krakow resembles castle chambers. Even the main hall is kept in this style. Another advantage is the extensive menu, not only for lunch or dinner, but also for desserts and coffee. You can go on a date at any time of the day, and we’ll serve you the perfect meal for that time.