The best picnic only at CK Browar

The May weekend is one of the favorite periods of the year for every Pole. We do not have to go to work within this period and the weather is almost always good. Many people then decide to go to another city or to nature. For people who stay in the city, our restaurant in Krakow has a lot of good dishes to offer.

The best cuisine in town

At CK Browar, picnic is always reserved for our guests, which is why the restaurant is open both on the first and on the third of May. During this time, we serve delicious dishes, which refer to the culinary tradition of Krakow and Galicia. Here you can taste the most delicious Russian dumplings in Krakow, served with glazed onion. We also offer the original Viennese schnitzel, made from delicate veal meat. Our restaurant in Krakow is also a good place for pork knuckle lovers, we bake it in a beer oven according to a Galician recipe. And for the May dinner in a larger group, we recommend our roasted meats, e.g. a hunting platter with roe deer, duck and wild boar.

Lunch in the fresh air

We want to spend the May weekend outdoors, if the weather allows it. That is why at CK Browar we open a huge beer garden for our clients, where you can also eat meals ordered in the restaurant. One of the many specialties of our restaurant is beer, brewed on site according to a traditional recipe. Our guests can choose from light, dark and wheat beer. Seasonally, there are also other flavors.