The best dishes for a little hunger

CK Browar is a restaurant in Krakow, known for its delicious dishes that do not correspond to the culinary tradition of the region. The menu includes delicious meat dishes, served with potatoes or groats. However, we do not always feel like eating a lot, sometimes it is enough to eat a small but tasty snack. Fortunately, a lot of such dishes can also be found on the restaurant’s menu.

Snacks, not only for beer

The restaurant’s greatest pride is its locally brewed beers, so it’s no wonder that the menu includes many snacks, perfect for this delicious drink. Particularly noteworthy is pasta liptauer, a traditional Austrian product made of sheep’s cheese, served with fresh bread and pickled cucumbers. Fans of the classic can try the homely, white sausage with a slice of bread, fried onions and mustard. Poultry lovers can order spicy chicken wings in crispy breadcrumbs, or chicken strips served with a variety of sauces. The menu also includes baked bread, which you can also take away. You can choose the version with scrambled eggs and cracklings, with black pudding and horseradish, or with bacon and cheese. Guests who like raw meat like to eat beefsteak tartare or carpaccio made of sirloin or salmon. The menu of CK Browar also includes tasty soups, perfect for less hunger. Guests have at their disposal traditional broth with noodles, mushroom cream with homemade noodles, Old Polish sour rye soup with egg and sausage, as well as onion cream served with croutons.