Tasty soups only at CK Browar

Polish cuisine, including Galician cuisine, is full of delicious and substantial dishes, which the guests of CK Browar enjoy. Continuously since 1996, our restaurant in Krakow offers an extremely rich menu, referring to the culinary traditions of the former Austro-Hungarian partition. In addition to the main dishes, which are the showcase of our chefs, we also offer our guests delicious soups.

Polish tradition and more

At CK Browar, guests have the opportunity to taste the real Polish sour rye soup, prepared with natural wholemeal leaven. The soup is traditionally served with white pork sausage, hard-boiled egg, and potatoes. Another delicious item on the menu of our restaurant is red borscht, available in two variants. Guests visiting our restaurant can taste borscht served with dumplings or croquette, both additives are filled with a tasty stuffing of sauerkraut and forest mushrooms. As befits a real Polish restaurant, our menu also includes aromatic broth with noodles. The dish is prepared for many hours, thanks to which the soup has an extremely deep and rich flavor. The whole is sprinkled with aromatic parsley. In our restaurant in Krakow, there was also a French accent in the form of onion soup. This tasty dish is traditionally served with toast and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. On the other hand, forest mushroom lovers can enjoy an extremely aromatic mushroom cream served in bread in CK brewery all year round.