Tasty snacks with original beer

CK Browar Restaurant is famous for its locally brewed beers based on ancient recipes. However, you will need a tasty snack for beer. And that’s no problem! Our restaurant in Krakow is the right place to drink beer and try local delicacies.

Beer with traditions

Home-made beer is the pride of CK Browar. Our restaurant is connected to the pub, where you can spend a pleasant evening. You can choose between light and dark beers, as well as wheat and honey beers. Each season, a different type of beer is brewed, special for this season. Oh no, you have to ask on a regular basis. If we do not know what beer will taste best for us, you can easily ask the staff for a tasting opportunity. However, beer tastes best with good snacks.

Tasty bites for beer

Traditional delicacies are a must-have for beer brewed using an ancient recipe. These include bread with homemade lard, served with pickled cucumber, or with liptauer paste and pickled cucumber. Apart from cold snacks, you can order hot snacks in our restaurant in Krakow. Tasty white sausage or less traditional spicy wings are the most frequently ordered additions.

However, it should not be forgotten that the CK Browar restaurant is famous for its Galician cuisine. It is worth trying, for example, a pork knuckle baked in beer, which will perfectly match the taste of the drink sipped from a mug. People who do not eat meat will also have something to eat. Belgian fries or the CK beer basket are an equally tasty proposition to eat with a beer.