Tasty and nutritious salads at CK Browar

The Polish culinary tradition is inextricably linked with tasty and very hearty dishes, in which the main role is usually played by meat. At CK Browar, these types of items are the chefs’ signature dishes, but when composing the menu for our restaurant in Krakow, we also remembered about people who appreciate lighter dishes. That is why we have prepared as many as three different salads, which are a real feast for the palate.

Best salads in town

Currently, Poles, especially the younger generation, are delighted with the delicate and low-calorie chicken meat. That is why the menu of CK Browar could not be complete without a salad based on this grilled, light meat. It is an excellent position for people who care about their figure, who, despite following a low-calorie diet, want to eat a nutritious meal. In addition to chicken, the salad includes a whole bunch of vegetables, with green lettuce, cucumbers, corn and tomatoes, all sprinkled with a homemade vinaigrette. Fish lovers can also order a delicious salad in our restaurant in Krakow. The main ingredient of the dish is marinated Norwegian salmon, served on arugula accompanied by red pesto, fried egg and pine nuts, all sprinkled with original Italian Parmesan cheese. When preparing the menu, we also remembered about vegetarians who can try a real Mediterranean salad. We add Greek feta cheese, mixed salad, cucumber, tomato, olives and onion to the dish. Sprinkle it generously with homemade vinaigrette sauce.