Steak Tartare – the king of Polish appetizers

The turbulent fate of the former Galicia, which in the past also included Krakow, had a huge impact on the local cuisine. At CK Browar, we try to introduce our guests to the old flavors, choosing the best Galician dishes for them. Among them, the popular Tatar could not be missing, which stole the hearts of not only Poles.

Good quality is the basis of flavor

Tartare is a dish served raw, so it must always be of the best freshness. In our restaurant in Krakow, the dish is prepared with excellent, fresh beef, which has been carefully selected by our chefs. The method of grinding the meat is also an important factor. At CK Browar, the beef is chopped, not ground, so that all the taste qualities of the dish are preserved. However, tartare is not only delicious beef, but also a variety of additions that will allow you to fully enjoy the taste. Our chefs opted for finely chopped marinated mushrooms and pickled cucumbers, whose vinegar note breaks the monotony of taste. The dish is finished with raw egg yolk, which gives the dish a real depth.

At CK Browar you can order tartare as an appetizer or as a separate dish – perfect for a little hunger. To further enhance the taste of a dish, be sure to order one of the wines from our menu. There you will find drinks from all over the world that will surely surprise your taste buds. And if you’re not a wine connoisseur – that’s okay! Tartare also tastes great with our beers.