Restaurant perfect for a bite to eat

Everyone is sometimes in such a state that they would eat something, but they are not necessarily hungry. CK Browar is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and it doesn’t have to be a two-course dinner right away. You can always eat only dessert, which we also serve, or drink good coffee.

A quick snack

Our restaurant CK Browar Kraków is also prepared for people who do not have time for a classic dinner during the day, but only a short lunch break. From Monday to Friday between 12.00 and 16.00 you can get lunch at a great price. You can always choose simply from the menu. Our baked bread can also be ordered to go, which is an ideal option for people who are really in a hurry. With more time, you can try soup, dumplings or a salad.

For coffee, it is worth choosing a cake or an ice cream dessert. In summer, we also recommend iced coffee served with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream, covered with chocolate sauce, and in winter, hot chocolate served with whipped cream and raspberry sauce.

Perfect portions for beer

When entering CK Browar, one cannot forget that it is a restaurant in Krakow that offers beer from a mini-brewery, which is brewed on the spot. Small snacks will also be perfect as an addition to beer. There are four types of beers to choose from, plus a seasonal flavor. On the other hand, the most popular snacks are various sausages with additions or spicy chicken wings or chicken strips served with sauce. You can always order baked potatoes or classic fries. They will be perfect not only as a snack for beer, but also for the so-called little hunger.