Restaurant in Krakow – does the decor matter?

We visit Krakow, mainly for its historic overtones. Every street looks like a postcard, and every café catches the eye. Therefore, it can also be said that a restaurant in Krakow must have an original interior in order to attract guests. Our CK Browar restaurant stands out in this respect, especially because we offer on-site access to our own brewery, two very ornate chamber rooms and the Laboratory club.

Interesting interiors – Krakow restaurant

The CK Browar Kraków restaurant is known for its interesting interior design. The presence of the Wawel castle in a way requires that the nearby restaurants have a design referring to the history of this city. In addition to the huge main hall, the interior of which is interesting and gives the impression of sitting in the castle chamber, CK Browar offers two more specially prepared rooms for guests. These are the hunting hall and the knight’s hall. In them you can feel like in a real castle commanded by knights or in a hunter’s hut.

Rooms on special request

Both rooms can be booked for groups. They are perfect for receiving guests on the occasion of a birthday party, anniversary party, First Holy Communion or a small wedding in the family circle. Rooms must be booked in advance to ensure availability. The hunting room, as its name suggests, is decorated with even bas-reliefs and antlers. The knight’s hall, on the other hand, is decorated with various accessories that knights carried with them in previous eras. Thanks to this, it gives the impression of a real armory.