Quick and cheap lunches in Krakow

More and more companies offer their employees a lunch break at work. Usually we have an hour to jump into dinner and get back to our duties. It is very convenient, especially if the company is located in the center of Krakow. Then you can use CK Browar. It is a restaurant Krakow, which can be found near the market square. On site, you can eat a quick lunch or a two-course dinner if you feel like it. It is also a great place for students who have a break between classes.

What good does the restaurant in Krakow CK Browar offer?

You can choose from many items. From homemade dinners to a quick lunch. Of course, Polish dishes are popular, but this restaurant also offers Austro-Hungarian cuisine or new ideas that meet the demand for a quick lunch. People who just want to eat will find many light items on the menu. Baked bread is very popular and can be found in many variants, including as a vegetarian sandwich. For dinner, it is also worth eating soup, which is also available on this menu. Broth, sour rye soup, red borscht or mushroom cream are popular items. Salads are also very often ordered, especially with chicken.

A decent and tasty dinner

If we have time to eat a large dinner, it is worth choosing one of the company dishes, where Viennese schnitzel with potatoes and fried cabbage is very popular. Of course, at CK Browar you can also order dumplings or main courses based on delicate chicken meat. There are also vegetarian items or items for people with food allergies.