Pub or restaurant? You don’t have to choose anymore

Sometimes we may not know which place we want to go out in the evening. In addition, if we go out with a larger group of friends, some people may want to eat dinner first, and the other only need some snacks. That is why CK Browar is the best place to go out with friends, because we have a restaurant, pub and club. You can simply order the locally brewed beer and enjoy dinner or choose just a colorful drink.

Pub with beer brewed on site

CK Browar is known, among others, for our beer. You can order Jasne, Ciemne, Pszeniczne and Miodowe beer. We also offer seasonal beers, but here the offer changes from time to time, so it is worth asking the staff about the beer that is currently available. You can also ask about the possibility of entering the mini-brewery! You can see the whole process of beer production, which we serve under our brand. Our beers are brewed on the basis of a traditional recipe, thanks to which we receive a drink without preservatives, which has a unique taste.

A restaurant with tradition

CK Browar is also a restaurant where you can have lunch, dinner or dinner, and even throw a wedding or birthday party. In addition to snacks that taste delicious with local beer, we offer real delicacies of Polish and Galician cuisine. Including excellent venison prepared according to a special recipe. It is worth trying the Hunter’s Platter, where you can find duck, wild boar and roe deer meat, as well as potato pancakes and blanched vegetables. Venison is also available as part of single dishes, such as hunting wild boar roast.