Pub or restaurant? CK Browar offers two in one

Many people, when going out with friends, first plan to eat dinner in one place, and then move to another restaurant, which is more atmospheric, to drink a beer and start the evening fun. However, when you go to CK Browar, you don’t have to give up anything. The Kraków CK Browar restaurant offers both beer from a mini-brewery and very tasty Austro-Hungarian cuisine. In this place we will find not only tables like in a typical restaurant, but also a pub or a club. So when you go to this place in the evening with friends, you can find everything that is conducive to having a good time.

A restaurant in Krakow with beer brewed on site

At CK Browar, beer is produced on site and there are as many as four types of beer for sale on a permanent basis and two types of beer sold depending on the season. When coming to the restaurant, you can ask about the possibility of entering a mini-brewery and see with your own eyes parts of the golden drink production process. In the pub, you can order Jasne, Dunkel, Ingwer, Weizen, and depending on the season, among others, Marzen or Miodowe. Of course, apart from beer, there are also other alcohols available.

Beer treats

Although the restaurant in Krakow CK is best known for its Austro-Hungarian style preparation, you can also order the most popular snacks, such as baked bread or fries, which appear in the side dishes. There are many company dishes on offer that will satisfy the greatest hunger. You can always choose the main courses, which are great as a dinner before drinking a pint of beer.