Pork knuckle with beer crust – a real delicacy

Krakow is a city with many traditions. One of them is the kitchen. A restaurant in Krakow must have classic cuisine on its menu. Our restaurant CK Browar will not disappoint you in this respect. We offer many different dishes and snacks that are considered traditional, and we also serve Galician specialties. However, we are also moving with the times and we have an offer for vegetarians and people suffering from food allergies. Each person will find something tasty to eat. Plus we have our own mini brewery.

Pork knuckle with beer – a real hit on every table

In CK Browar you can drink local beer brewed on site. We offer both dark and light, wheat and honey beers. We also brew additional beer varieties seasonally, which are worth asking on the spot. Brewed in a mini-brewery and unpasteurized beer will appeal to everyone. A pork knuckle with a beer skin, served with horseradish, mustard, pickled cucumber and bread will taste very good with beer or other alcohol. Of course, you can also order other delicacies from the menu, such as a hunting platter or a CK plate.

Galician cuisine at CK Browar

Our restaurant CK Browar offers a lot of dishes from Galician cuisine. We serve various types of meat, including venison, veal and beef, which were the basis of old Polish cuisine. All dishes in the restaurant in Krakow are carefully prepared by the chefs. And the menu itself is arranged so that each ending is tasty. In addition, we offer a large selection of meat-free dishes or a specially prepared menu for allergy sufferers, available in the restaurant.