Pork knuckle and beer – a perfect duo

Both for traditionalist kitchenists and for lovers of novelty, there is one accomplished duo in Polish cuisine – beer and pork knuckle.

Less often, however, you can find a place that skillfully combines the unique taste and tenderness of pork knuckle with excellent quality beer. However, there is a good restaurant in Krakow that will surprise you with both the delicacy of the pork shank served there and the unusual types of local beer. This is CK Browar – the oldest restaurant-brewery in Krakow.

Polish food in the center of Krakow

CK Browar is one of the most original pubs in Krakow. It is distinguished by its excellent location near the Main Square and right opposite the Bagatela Theater. An unforgettable atmosphere, unique interior design skilfully combining tradition with modernity and excellent cuisine are not enough. The real treasure is the brewery lively in the historic cellars, where several unusual types of beer are brewed. CK Browar draws on the rich Austrian – Hungarian brewing tradition, offering its clients beer not seen anywhere else, prepared in front of customers and poured into the mug straight from the barrel. Complementing this unprecedented way to satisfy the palate of guests, is traditional Polish cuisine in an excellent edition.

One of the dishes that best suits the character of this atmospheric brewery is the pork knuckle with beer crust. Juicy and aromatic pork knuckle is prepared by curing, cooking and finally – baking in a convection oven with the addition of light beer. This traditional Polish dish from the bottom of the ham or pork shoulder cut off with the bone is a symbol of Polish cuisine, which deservedly reigns on Polish tables. The extraordinary softness of the meat goes perfectly with the crunchy beer crust, and the perfect balance of this oily feast is unpasteurised CK – beer that helps digestion and improves mood.

Good beer and Krakow’s intimate atmosphere

CK Browar is an excellent option for company parties, organization of banquets, casual meetings in a more or less numerous group – Krakow can boast of a cult place with hand-carved tables, beer traditionally served in glasses or pipes, drinks served in test tubes and a constellation of stars above their heads . How is such a surprising combination possible in one place? Krakow and the CK Browar pub invite you to see for yourself!