Polish cuisine in the heart of Krakow

Despite the fact that Poles are more and more willing to experiment in the kitchen, while still dining at a restaurant, they are happy to choose dishes typical of Poland. To meet the expectations of such guests, CK Browar has been specializing in the best specimens of native cuisine for years. For this reason, not only residents of Krakow, but also tourists from home and abroad willingly visit this restaurant.

Flagship dishes

Typical dishes for our country are quite time consuming to prepare, so it’s no wonder that Polish cuisine is so popular. Kraków has many restaurants specializing in native dishes, but CK Browar is certainly at the forefront. First of all, you can try three different types of dumplings, hand-made. They are available with meat and Russian stuffing, as well as sweet. For starters, tasty soups are recommended, every day, not only on Sunday, you can order traditional broth with noodles at the Brewery, tasty sour soup and red borscht are available in two forms. However, the real feast for the palate are the main meat dishes. Knuckle served in the restaurant will remain in our memory for a long time, fans of venison can, in turn, try a mixture of meats of forest animals, served with potato pancakes and blanched vegetables. People who do not eat meat are also welcome at CK Browar. In addition to the above-mentioned Russian dumplings, they can order grilled cheese in the form of a snack, a vegetarian sandwich or a Mediterranean salad.