Polish cuisine and beer in a restaurant in Krakow

Not everyone likes to experiment in the kitchen, which is why newly opened restaurants serving cuisines from around the world are not always very popular. However, something else can be said about CK Browar. This Krakow restaurant is characterized by serving always tasty dishes of Polish cuisine and traditional Austro-Hungarian cuisine. That is why there is always a crowd of people there, but you don’t have to worry about finding a place, because there is a lot of it in the halls.

Treats of Polish cuisine in the Krakow restaurant

Every person likes familiar foods. You don’t always have to taste the delicacies from the other side of the world to be satisfied with your lunch or dinner. CK Browar is dominated mainly by well-known Polish dishes and Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Many dishes are based on well-prepared meat, including venison. However, you can also find meatless dishes or prepared with fish. Therefore, each person can find an item in the menu that is suitable for them.

Best beer in the area

CK Browar produces its own beer, so it can be successfully called a Polish product. Beers from mini-breweries are becoming more and more popular. Especially since it is the only restaurant in Krakow that offers the opportunity not only to drink freshly made beer, but also to look behind the scenes to the place where the beer is brewed. Therefore, we have a double attraction here – you can try several types of unique beer, but also see how it is made. This is indeed a unique process that is not often disclosed to outsiders.