New Year – new challenges.

When the last shots of champagne corks and colorful fireworks from New Year’s Eve have died down, the old order gives way to the new. The New Year is coming. The beginning of each year brings with it new hopes and fears, it is also a good moment to sum up what the previous year brought us. An excellent place to make such a balance sheet is the C.K. Brewery. Here, you can not only hide in the scenery of historic walls, but also eat well and enjoy delicious beer.

When we have settled ourselves with the past – it’s time to think about what is ahead. The nice atmosphere in our restaurant in Krakow allows you to focus and think creatively about the future. The only thing that can distract our customers a bit is the tempting aromas of delicious dishes and first-class drinks, as befits the best restaurant. And the choice of dishes is very wide. From appetizers such as grilled highland cheese with bacon with cranberry and horseradish mousse, through baked breads unheard of in any other Krakow restaurant C.K. with a company sandwich with ham, cheese and vegetables – first of all, to exquisite main courses such as long stewed roast beef with ligawa in horseradish sauce.

If we add a dessert in the form of a Krakow cream cake with strawberry sauce, or a chocolate cake with an orange mousse on a liqueur, we will certainly quickly achieve the state of culinary happiness, and as you know, it is in this state that the most outstanding ideas come to mind.

From here there is only one step to an idea that, who knows, may change the world for the better?