Local brewery in Krakow as a point of excursion

Krakow is a city that attracts thousands of tourists every day. Especially in the warmer seasons. However, the Old Town and Wawel are not the only places worth visiting or including in the itinerary. The restaurant in Krakow, CK Browar, is also the perfect place to rest during sightseeing and eat a delicious dinner or as a punk excursion, where you can get acquainted with the operation of a mini-brewery.

Mini brewery from the kitchen

In our restaurant in Krakow, you can see from the inside how our beer is brewed. It is enough to ask the staff about the possibility of entering the mini-brewery and watching how beer is prepared in four types, as well as seasonal beer.

At CK Browar, beer is brewed on the basis of an original Austrian-Hungarian recipe, which we do not share with anyone. That is why we offer an original-tasting beer, both dark and light. Our local beers are: CK Jasne, CK Dunkel dark, CK Wizen wheat, CK Miodowe. Seasonal beers are also available, please inquire on site.

Something for the beer

The restaurant and PUB CK Browar is also a unique place because, apart from local beer brewed in our mini-brewery, we serve dishes from the restaurant, and even offer fun in the Laboratory club. Our menu includes plenty of tasty snacks, perfect for a beer drink. The restaurant specializes in Galician dishes, such as Viennese schnitzel, pork knuckle with beer crust or stewed ligawa roast. Less hungry people can order, for example, baked potatoes or baked bread.