Local beer at CK Browar

The CK Browar restaurant is the only one in Krakow that brews beer according to an old Austro-Hungarian recipe. We have been running a restaurant and a pub since 1996, so we can offer you the best local beer from our mini-brewery, brewed according to recipes known only to us. And even show what the brewing process looks like.

Four original beers for everyone

In our restaurant in Krakow, we serve four types of original beer, which are permanently on offer, and beer brewed seasonally. The choices are: CK Weizen, Ck Ingwer, CK Dunkiel and CK clear. In turn, the beers served depending on the current season are CK Marzen and CK Miodowe. Why is our beer the best?

We brew unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, which is rich in B vitamins. Our restaurant in Krakow also offers to show you the production process from the kitchen. If you want to see how our beer is made, just ask the room staff for access to the mini-brewery.

A suitable snack for beer

Our beer is served in tubes with a capacity of 5 or 3.3 liters or in traditional mugs. In addition to the beer itself, we offer a very rich menu from our restaurant. In addition to the snacks, such as Belgian fries or spicy wings, you can also order sandwiches or company dishes with meat, fish or even vegetarian. Anyone who gets hungry is provided with a huge selection of items from the menu that match the taste of the beer. There is also an allergy-free menu on site, so it’s worth coming for a beer and staying longer.