Krakow is one of the most famous and most beautiful Polish cities

CK Browar – see how beer is brewed

Krakow is one of the most famous and most beautiful Polish cities. Besieged by tourists, adored by its inhabitants – Krakow boasts a unique place where local beer and a unique atmosphere compete with Polish cuisine. This is CK Browar, i.e. a pub and restaurant located near the Main Square and the Bagatela Theater. What has this place been delighting its guests for years?

Where tradition meets modernity

CK Browar is one of the most original places in Krakow. A modern Club Laboratory with a constellation of stars above the heads of guests, energetic music and drinks served in test tubes, is adjacent to the intimate Hunting and Knight’s Rooms. It’s the perfect place for lunch with friends, a company party, banquet organization in Krakow or a casual outing for a beer. CK Browar is a great restaurant serving excellent quality dishes. One of them is the essential broth. Considered by many to be the remarkably Polish soup, in fact it was already known to primitive man. This non-concentrated soup based on vegetables and meat is a warming and very nutritious meal. In CK Browar, chicken soup with noodles is present in the excellent company of other soups, among others red borscht, sour rye soup and mushroom cream, as well as excellent main dishes – pork knuckle with beer crust, Imperial – Royal Food or ribs baked in honey. Therefore, for anyone who values ​​Polish cuisine, Krakow offers a magical place combining Galician and contemporary climates.

Local beer? Krakow has such!

As the name suggests, CK Browar is a place where you can expect excellent quality beer. However, it is surprising that the original beers are brewed here in front of the guests. And from the barrels they go directly to the mugs or tubes made on the table that make the place famous. Brewed in accordance with the old Austrian-Hungarian recipe, beer at CK Browar is a depth of taste and aroma, as well as health-promoting properties unattainable for other beer. No other beer has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, urinary tract, cardiovascular system and mood like beer from CK Browar. Beers available in the regular and seasonal offer will encourage tasting, from admirers of this golden drink to people reaching for beer only occasionally. Nowhere else in Krakow does the restaurant and pub offer such a rich and interesting offer, enhanced by the perfect atmosphere and unique interior design.