Krakow is a unique city

CK Browar – the symbol of Krakow

Krakow is a unique city that draws inspiration from the influence of many cultures, including the Galician culture that is ubiquitous here. A place worthy of this city is without a doubt the CK Browar – Krakow restaurant boasts an excellent brewery serving local beer prepared according to a unique recipe. So what makes CK Browar different?

Krakow’s beer treasure

Excellent location very close to the market and the legendary Bagatela Theater, unforgettable interior design, cheap dinners and good beer – Krakow is gaining a ball place on the culinary map. CK Browar has been surprising for over 20 years with a wide range of beers brewed in its own brewery. The customer can see for himself how excellent quality beer is ordered – its production is visible. Straight from the tanks, the beer goes into a mug. And this beer is not just any – brewed according to the original Austrian – Hungarian recipe, it surprises with depth of flavor and richness of nutritional values. Unpasteurized and unfiltered beer is an extremely noble low-percentage drink, appreciated by connoisseurs of this golden drink.

Secrets of the golden drink

How is CK unusually created – beer that can be tasted only in Krakow? The production of this local beer in Krakow is initiated by the process of grinding beer, i.e. grinding malt in a grinder, and then pouring it with water at the appropriate temperature. Malt mashing causes the degradation of starch and proteins with the simultaneous penetration of enzymatic compounds into water. The mash prepared in this way is subjected to filtration, and after adding the hop beer is brewed. The next stage is waste sedimentation. The whole process ends with fermentation, i.e. adding yeast to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, as well as aging of the beer for several weeks. The result of this unique process is several types of beer, surprising with their depth of taste and original aroma:
– Light beer 11.5 º
– Dunkel 13 º beer
– Ingwer beer 14.5º
– Weizen beer 12.2º

CK Browar in Krakow is a great place for every beer connoisseur, but not only. Cheap dinners, good Polish food, the possibility of organizing company parties, organizing banquets or casual meetings with friends – Krakow tempts with this magical place that perfectly fits into the unique atmosphere of this royal city.