Krakow is a city that skillfully combines tradition and modernity

CK Browar – for lovers of original beer, excellent cuisine and great fun

Krakow is a city skilfully combining tradition with modernity, medieval and Gothic architecture with futuristic buildings, and aromatic Galician cuisine with modern culinary suggestions. Exactly such a fascinating combination of seemingly incompatible currents attracts crowds of Cracovians and tourists is a very unique place – to the CK Browar pub. This place, located one step away from the Main Square, fascinates with the decor of the Hunting and Knight’s Rooms, contrasting with the futuristic Laboratorium Club. However, both supporters of intimate atmosphere and enthusiasts of vigorous fun are united by one thing at CK Browar in Krakow – fascination with excellent local beer.

CK Browar – for the love of beer

For centuries Krakow has been under Austrian-Hungarian influence, so for anyone who wants to disgust local beer Krakow invites you to a unique Microbrewery. CK Browar is a place where, remaining true to tradition, available nowhere else beer brewed according to the original recipes from previous centuries. The secret to this famous beer throughout Krakow is its production directly on site, without its time-consuming distribution or transport. Every regular at CK Browar can see the production of this noble, golden drink with your own eyes. But the unique freshness of beer at CK Browar is not everything. This beer is distinguished primarily by its unique brewing procedure, which results in its health-promoting properties. Beer not subjected to filtration and pasteurization has a wealth of vitamins and vegetable antioxidants, which perfectly affect the cardiovascular, urinary and nervous systems. This combination of relaxation and social life with simultaneous attention to health sounds tempting, right?

Polish food – Krakow as a city of culinary experiences

The CK Browar pub and restaurant is not only delicious beer. It is also an unforgettable dining experience. Polish cuisine in a modern and very essential edition has already gained a considerable number of lovers, which is constantly expanding. CK Browar Kraków is a great place for a family dinner, company party or banquet organization. Discreet room design, atmospheric atmosphere built with cultural service and stylish interiors as well as local beer, complemented by an interesting menu – there is certainly no shortage of reasons to visit Krakow’s CK Browar. There is no more stylish place in Krakow than these charming Minibar breweries, which are the perfect scenery for both social and business meetings.