Krakow is a city captivating with its beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere

The phenomenon of a local brewery in Krakow

Krakow is a city captivating with its beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere in which the influences of Galician culture are still noticeable today. A great excuse to visit Krakow is a surprising, magical place located one step away from the Main Square – a microbrewery serving beer not found anywhere else, brewed according to the original Austrian-Hungarian recipe. It’s CK Browar, a pub and restaurant where every inhabitant of Krakow or tourist can experience what is most valuable in Krakow. There is a unique atmosphere here, historic cellars and local beer brewed on site.

CK Browar Kraków – local beer

The oldest restaurant brewery in Krakow offers several types of unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, which surprises depth of taste and color, as well as unique health properties. In the production process beer goes through several stages: from malting through fermentation to filtration and stabilization. The last stage may be pasteurization – the process of heating beer to a temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius, during which beer is depleted of many valuable ingredients. No pasteurization guarantees the richness of vitamins and minerals and precious bacteria. Beer brewed in this way, the production process of which customers can see with my own eyes, it’s a real health drink. Is a source of many antioxidants, provides a natural supportive antibiotic immunity and supports the work of the cardiovascular system. Supports kidney function and cleansing the body, prevents kidney stones, has a calming and relaxing effect. Unpasteurized beer served at CK Browar Kraków is also an excellent probiotic regulating processes digestion. Due to the desirable properties of CK – beer, tasting this low-percentage drink takes on a completely different dimension, right?

The only such one pub in Krakow

The secret to the uniqueness of CK Browar, apart from excellent beer poured from barrels straight into the mug, is a wide range of organization events; banquets, company parties, a casual evening with friends or a dance evening – all this can be found in Krakow. Two halls – Rycerska and Myśliwska surprise with wooden carvings and hand-carved tables, while at Club Laboratorium you can drink iconic drinks … in test tubes. Only in Krakow the pub can combine Galician tradition and excellent cuisine with modern entertainment. This extremely successful marriage of the old with the modern, seasoned with original beer and sealed with a unique decor interior design is a great excuse to visit CK Browar. Really worth!