How to survive the winter with the CK Browar restaurant

The best restaurant in Krakow – CK Browar

The beginning of December is the time when short days and low temperatures are a pain in our lives. The streets of Krakow’s Old Town – one of the most beautiful old towns in Poland, Europe and the world – seem to be becoming a bit less populated. The figures in down jackets, coats, colorful scarves and tightly pulled hats over their heads are in a hurry, as if a little less interested in admiring the craftsmanship of the surrounding architecture. Meanwhile, ancient Krakow, as always, has a secret weapon up its sleeve, which can effectively attract cold Cracovians, but also huge crowds of visitors from all over the world.

This weapon (against winter weariness) is the unique atmosphere of the very center – the vicinity of the Main Market Square, which, shrouded in the mysterious mysteriousness of long winter evenings, becomes even more attractive. When we add the glow of illumination from the countless Christmas decorations, the sound of horses pulling decorative carriages or the magic of the Christmas market – we get a mixture that is irresistible. You just have to get out of the house to experience it.

The culinary heart of Krakow

There is one more reason. There is a place that is not only located in this magical heart of our city, but is also the culinary heart of Krakow. It is probably the best restaurant in Krakow – CK Browar. Located in historic cellars, just a few steps from the Main Market Square, which for years has been continuously inviting lovers of excellent cuisine, as well as gourmets of delicious Krakow beer, brewed on the spot according to a traditional recipe. That is why it is worth visiting after a winter walk.

The restaurant welcomes the cold and hungry newcomers to December with the inviting aroma of dishes prepared according to recipes rooted in traditional and delicious Austro-Hungarian cuisine. As befits the best restaurant in Krakow, the tables are dominated by juicy pork knuckle with beer crust, Wiener Schnitzel, juicy ribs sprinkled with fried cabbage, and many other delicacies, each of which will choose something delicious for themselves. On each table, next to huge plates and platters full of tasty morsels, there are mugs filled to the brim with the best beers, from light to wheat and honey to dark Dunkel.

The best restaurant in Krakow is one that is also the most and thoroughly Krakow restaurant. What does that mean? There is only one way to find out – you absolutely have to come here to feel it! The best restaurant in Krakow – CK Browar – invites you!

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