Late breakfast, lunch or dinner should be finished with something sweet. However, it does not have to be a classic dessert. Many people choose aromatic coffee instead of a piece of tasty cake. One of the most popular dessert coffees is latte or Italian espresso-based coffee.

Unique halva latte

Latte coffee can be drunk with breakfast, during the day or even in the late afternoon. Although it is based on espresso, which has a very strong and distinct aroma, a large amount of milk, including frothed milk, makes this coffee more like a dessert than a drink to wake up. It is much more filling, sweet and replaces dessert with the right syrup. That is why many people choose Latte with a flavored syrup instead of a sweet cake, because the coffee itself gives a feeling of blissful fullness.

The CK Browar restaurant offers many tasty coffees, but the halva latte deserves attention. It is a unique flavor version of this coffee. Every sweet tooth must try it at least once. Halva itself is a very tasty dessert or an addition to it. When choosing a halva latte, you can enjoy a dessert-flavored coffee. Not every restaurant in Krakow serves this coffee. Therefore, if we want to taste it, it is worth visiting CK Browar. You can also order delicious and more classic desserts in the form of cakes, such as the Apfelstrudel apple pie or a chocolate cake with orange mousse. Especially in the summer, it is worth trying a cup of ice cream with seasonal fruit. Nothing prevents you from checking out the “two-course” dessert in the form of a cup of coffee and a selected cake.