Galician take-away cuisine

A visit to CK Browar is a ritual for many regular guests of our restaurant in Krakow, who like delicious dishes of Galician cuisine. However, it is not always time to comfortably sit in our room and enjoy a meal, so our customers can also order take-away dishes from the menu.

Order and pick up

Unexpected guests came to the house and you have nothing to offer them? Or maybe you are planning a festive lunch at work and wondering about traditional cuisine? Then be sure to check out our menu! Our chefs will prepare the best Galician dishes for you, which will make a real sensation among the invited guests. Just call us and place an order for a specific time, and all the dishes will be waiting for you, packed in convenient boxes.

If you only want small lunch snacks, we highly recommend our Baked Breads. The offer includes sandwiches with black pudding and horseradish, ham and cheese, and with bacon and vegetables. Our starters, dominated by raw beef dishes – exclusive carpaccio or real Polish tartar steak, will also work as a small snack. There were also offers for people who do not eat meat, they can order bread baked with vegetables, or grilled mountain cheese with cranberries. In our restaurant in Krakow, we also serve rich meat dishes, incl. pork knuckle, ribs or classic Viennese schnitzel – also available to take away. In turn, for people who care about their figure, you can order one of our delicious salads.