Galician cuisine – Krakow’s great tradition

Krakow is a city with a rich and interesting history, the echoes of which are still visible today, mainly in the magnificent architecture of the city. However, one of the most important elements of the cultural identity of the former capital is Galician cuisine. This interesting mix of dishes of Polish, Ukrainian and Austro-Hungarian tradition will satisfy every lover of tasty food.

At a time when the Polish state was not on the maps of Europe, Krakow was an extremely important meeting place for many cultures. Thanks to the openness of its inhabitants to representatives of other nations, not only Poles, but also Ukrainians, Jews and Austrians coexisted there for many years. Thanks to this cocktail of cultures, Galician cuisine was created, which covered not only Krakow, but other border areas, with Lviv at the fore. Today, the best dishes referring to this tradition are offered by our restaurant in Krakow, CK Browar.

In Galicia, the society was quite stratified, so in the region’s cuisine we can find both exquisite dishes and those traditionally eaten by the poorest. The second category includes the iconic scrambled eggs with cracklings, which is available at CK Browar in the form of a sandwich. The less wealthy also tasted Russian dumplings with cracklings, which are now the flagship dish of Polish cuisine. The dish was born in Galicia, which is why it could not be missing in the CK Browar restaurant. Another dish, which is a kind of showcase of Polish cuisine, pork chop, refers to Galician patterns. At CK Browar it is available according to the original Wiener Schnitzel recipe, based on veal meat.