Free Sunday at CK Browar

One of the favorite ways of spending time among Polish families is a trip to shopping malls, especially in the autumn and winter season. With the restriction of trade in Poland on Sundays, most stores are closed, so you can focus more on strengthening family ties – for example, during a festive dinner at CK Browar.

Festive dinner

Our restaurant in Krakow is open for you almost every day of the year. Therefore, also on non-trade Sundays, we invite you to a tasty lunch. It is an ideal alternative, especially when we have forgotten about shopping and the fridge is empty – and you have to eat a hot meal anyway. At CK Browar, every outing turns into a real celebration. All this is due to the atmospheric design of our rooms, which refer to old decorating traditions. However, the interesting interior design is only a background to the real feast that we serve to our guests every day.

Festive dishes for Sunday

At CK Browar, we draw handfuls from the culinary tradition of former Krakow and Galicia. That is why our menu does not lack pork knuckle baked in beer, Viennese schnitzel or Russian dumplings. For larger groups of revelers, we highly recommend trying our platters, full of tasty meats. You can choose from a hunter’s set, with venison, venison and duck, a pig straight from the oven or a roasted turkey. Our menu includes vegetarian dishes, and there is also a separate card for people with allergies.