Excellent cuisine and tasty beer, which is what CK Browar is famous for

What attracts thousands of tourists to Krakow? Beautiful monuments, an unusual history or a unique atmosphere? Or maybe few, unique places that perfectly match the character of this city combining tradition and modernity? If the latter – then certainly one of these places is CK Browar, a place well known to the inhabitants of Krakow and increasingly known to tourists. Do you want to know his secret? That’s him.

Excellent cuisine and even better beer
As the name suggests, CK Browar is a microbrewery specializing in the production of exceptional beer. The unpasteurized and unfiltered beer brewed in front of the guests is the depth of taste and excellent nutritional properties. This local beer fits perfectly into the currently fashionable trend of slow life, adhering to everything that is natural and quality. CK Browar in Krakow is also an excellent cuisine, which, like beer, is firmly rooted in the Galician tradition. And like beer, it is enriched with a hint of modernity.

Dumplings are a dish without which most of us cannot imagine Polish cuisine. Associated as an extremely Polish dish, in fact they come from China, from where they reached the European continent. Giving great possibilities to make them, or more precisely – stuffed with various additions, will appeal to absolutely everyone. The CB Browar restaurant specializes in tasty and cheap dinners, among which could not also be dumplings. Served with meat and cracklings, white cheese and raspberry mousse or Ruthenian with a glass onion – they are a very filling and extremely tasty dish. And after dinner …

Moc CK Browar in Krakow
Beer brewed at CK Browar is a light and extremely tasty formula that, thanks to minimizing production processes, preserves everything that is most valuable in hops. Therefore, CK beer is a strengthening and even medicinal drink! With such excellent cuisine and original beer, CK Browar becomes the perfect place to organize banquets and special events in Krakow, intimate business meetings or simply a place where you can have a delicious lunch in Krakow. An atmospheric restaurant, the Knight’s and Hunter’s Hall or – in contrast – an energetic Club Laboratory tempting with great music and futuristic decor, is the hallmark of CK Browar. It is a visualization of what is most valuable in Krakow – the worship of tradition and fascination with the present. Do you want to experience this magic? Visit CK Browar in Krakow!