Easter at CK Browar

Easter in Poland is a very good excuse to meet in a family circle, which is especially important in today’s busy times. However, the arrival of relatives does not have to mean spending the whole day in the kitchen preparing delicious dishes. CK Browar is the best restaurant in Krakow for a meeting during the holiday season.

This special day begins with a Christmas breakfast eaten with the family. However, the afternoon lunch does not have to be less exquisite, it is enough to visit CK Browar. The restaurant menu offers delicious dishes referring to the culinary tradition of Galicia. That is why there is a cult Viennese schnitzel or an aromatic pork knuckle baked in beer. For this a glass of aromatic wine and the dinner will certainly be successful.

However, CK Browar is not only a restaurant, part of the premises is a modern pub, which also invites guests during the festive season. It is an ideal place to celebrate a joint meeting with friends, especially if such a situation occurs only “on holiday”. We especially recommend our original beers, the recipe of which is based on the old brewing traditions of Galicia. Guests have at their disposal both light, delicate lagers as well as dark or wheat beers. CK Browar also cares about wine lovers, offering its guests great wines from all over the world. Or maybe something stronger? This will not be a problem either, the bar shelves are full of delicious alcohols, on the basis of which bartenders conjure up colorful drinks.