Duck in Galician cuisine

Polish consumers rarely prepare duck dishes at home, nowadays, chicken or turkey dominate their tables. However, this noble meat is an important part of the culinary tradition of Poland and Galicia, thanks to its unusual taste. Fortunately, you do not need to search for ancient recipes and prepare ducks at home, just visit our restaurant in Krakow.
Noble meat in a tasty version

Duck meat is very tender and juicy, even when it is subjected to long-term heat treatment. In former Galicia, the duck was served whole, after it was first loosened and its interior was filled with tasty offal stuffing with an admixture of apples or cranberries. To this day, some families prepare meat this way, but it only applies to special occasions, after all, loosening the duck is a very laborious process.

At CK Browar, you can try delicious duck throughout the year, not only on holidays. In our regular menu, meat is available in the form of baked breast, served with apples and cranberries and a delicate ginger-honey sauce. This way of serving is a combination of Galician tradition with a hint of modernity, which is why the dish will appeal not only to lovers of old Polish flavors. When ordering a duck dish in our restaurant in Krakow, it is also worth choosing the right drink that will emphasize the taste of the meat. CK Browar offers delicious wines from all over the world, the menu clearly describes the purpose of each item, the best choice for a duck is a red, dry wine.