Don’t cook at home, invite your guests to restaurant

Every time we have guests coming to our house, be it family or friends, we want to provide them with tasty food and a nice time. Every person responsible for cooking at home knows how much time you need to spend, for example, on a two-course dinner. Where else is the time to prepare dessert? Therefore, instead of spending time cooking, it is worth inviting guests to dinner at our restaurant in Krakow – CK Browar.

Lunch like home

Of course, by inviting guests to dinner at the restaurant, we want the cuisine to be still traditional, home and Polish. This is what we invite to the CK Browar restaurant. We provide a perfect place for a family dinner or meeting with friends. If you know in advance that you will need a table for more people, you can easily make a reservation. You can also book your favorite table.

Menu for everyone

What can you eat? The advantage of having a dinner in a restaurant is not only that you save time to cook dishes yourself, but also a large selection of them. In CK Browar you can eat authentic Galician dishes, pork knuckle baked in beer, or even venison, which is very popular in our country. Also, people who are on a vegetarian diet or have various allergies and food intolerances will find a tasty dish to eat with the help of waiters.

After lunch, you can try beers from our mini-brewery or order a halva latte and a piece of fresh cake. Therefore, it can be said that everyone will leave here full after spending a good time with their guests.