Dessert is the best summary of a dinner

After a rich and tasty dinner, we usually ask for a bill so that we can go home as soon as possible. However, it is enough to wait just a moment for us to suddenly feel like something sweet. That is why it is also worth trying a tasty dessert that will be the perfect culmination of a successful meal. At CK Browar we have prepared a few interesting items that are impossible to pass by indifferently.

A dessert for any weather

Although the list of sweets in our restaurant in Krakow is not very long, we tried to put there an item that will satisfy every guest. During the winter and autumn months, our delicious cakes, prepared according to old recipes, make a real sensation. Fans of fruit flavors should try Apfelstrudel, a delicious apple pie served with vanilla sauce. Another Galician item on the menu is a fluffy Viennese cheesecake, the best in Krakow! For the biggest gourmands, we recommend a delicious chocolate cake, decorated with orange mousse. On the other hand, in the summer, the most popular dessert is a cup of ice cream with seasonal fruit, and vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries.

You can enjoy our desserts in the company of aromatic coffee. white and black coffee, cappuccino and latte. Liqueurs and sweet vodkas are also perfect for cakes and ice cream, W CK Browar is available in many versions. We especially recommend the Soplica brand, hazelnut, cherry, quince, as well as the Irish coffee liqueur – Bailey’s.