Dessert and coffee at CK Browar

The spring-summer season is conducive to spending time outdoors, in the restaurant gardens we are happy to drink Beer or eat dinners. Krakow hosts many dining options, CK Browar is among their leaders. However, the restaurant is famous not only for its delicious cuisine or delicious beer, but also for a variety of desserts.

Not just a restaurant

Our restaurant boasts a large garden where guests visiting us like to spend time during sunny days. However, drinking beer or eating dinner are not the only options that CK Browar can offer. Also, an afternoon coffee break with a friend will be nice in our garden. There are over ten items to choose from in the card. In addition to traditional espresso or cappuccino, we also invite you to enjoy a delicious latte in three versions: standard, cinnamon or chałowe. During the hottest heat, we recommend refreshing iced coffee. Irish coffee, heavily sprinkled with Irish whiskey, is also very popular.

For aromatic coffee, we recommend one of our tasty desserts. The traditional Viennese Apfelstrudel, poured with vanilla sauce, will satisfy every amateur of this legendary delicacy. We also offer Viennese cheesecake richly decorated with seasonal fruit, as well as chocolate cake layered with orange mousse, sprinkled liqueur. Nothing tastes better in warm weather than ice cream, which is why at CK Browar we serve them in two casings: with raspberry mousse and fresh fruit.